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Globally, 50 % of smartphone users have experienced a cracked smartphone screen. Right now, 21 % of them are looking at one. There’s a reason for this. We look at our phones over 200 times per day, each time risking dropping the phone and cracking its screen. To make sure that this won’t happen, we must protect the screen. The best way to do this is with a tempered glass panel. It protects the phone, retains its resale value, extends its working life, and prevents time and money loss caused by repairs.

Our unique tempered glass screen protectors combine much-needed protection with style and personality. They come with a discrete holographic image that will be hidden when the screen is on. This allows you to take your favorite brand – whether it is a sports club, a lifestyle or a movie character – wherever you go. It’s never been easier to identify your phone and express your personality though your mobile devices. The screen protectors feature 9H surface hardness Asahi glass that is resistant to scratches and coated against fingerprints and stains. You can install the glass by yourself, without having to worry about air
bubbles. Though strong, the glass is extremely thin, allowing excellent sensitivity. Combining the screen protector with a branded doCover phone case, you can protect the whole phone and show your chosen brand even better. You can still use your phone exactly as before, with all the ports and buttons being available, and even wireless charging working without a hitch.

We started our mission in 2016 with beloved brands such as the Moomin Characters, and quickly moved on to highly popular sports teams such as Real Madrid and Valencia. Today we can reach close to a billion fans through these sports teams alone. As the first company in the world that can produce screen protectors featuring a hologram that doesn’t affect the device’s usability, our aim is to help people show their love towards these brands. We also work with corporate customers and have produced branded screen protectors for companies such as the champagne house Moët & Chandon.

While our screen protectors are manufactured in China, they are designed in Finland, and we have applied for a patent for their manufacturing process (patent pending no. 20165716). Our trusted manufacturing partner has produced over a billion tempered glass panels in the last 13 years, and they can produce almost 200 000 screen protectors per day.

Currently we hold licences for Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona, Valencia CF, NBA and all their teams, NHL and all their teams, the Finnish Ice Hockey League (Liiga) and all their teams, the Finnish National Ice Hockey Team (Leijonat), FC Jokerit, HJK, Angry Birds, and Moomin.


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