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100 % Compostable Case for iPhone | Unicorn Pink


The Best Compostable & Eco Friendly Phone Case for iPhone is Made of Corn Starch, Wheat and Other Biodegradable, Sustainable and 100 % Natural Materials.

Is that… is that corn?!

Well yes it is! The compound actually consists of wheat straw, corn starch and soil. Everything about our cases is 100 % natural. Even the packaging is made of 100 % recycled cardboard.

Biodegrade in 12 months

In right circumstances the case will decompose in a time period of 10 – 12 months. These circumstances best achieved in a compost where temperature, moisture and the amount of micro-organisms are at an optimized level.

Unique in every way

As you can probably see in the picture the case looks dirty right? The ”dirt” is actually created by the structure and color changes in the material. Think about wood - Every single piece of wood is unique and so are these cases.

Available in three colors

  • Blueberry Blue
  • Unicorn Pink
  • Ocean Green
  • Outer Space Black