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Hand Sanitizer Spray 100 ml (3,38 oz) | Fresh Papaya | Original Moomin® #OURSEA Product


Praised Scent!

Hand Sanitizer Spray 100 ml (3,38 oz) #OURSEA hand sanitizer really stands out from the products on the market due to its pleasant scent of fresh papaya fruit. The composition of the product is based on a high alcohol content, (60% of the total amount) and it effectively removes impurities from the hands and skin. Thanks to the added glycerin, it has a caring effect.

By buying this product you're helping us save the oceans!
For each purchase of #OURSEA #MEIDÄNMERI #VÅRTHAV products, our partner doCare donates an amount to the John Nurminen foundation that helps clean the Baltic Sea.

Thank you for your support!

Important features

  • Thanks to the transparent plastic bottle the amount is easy to check.
  • Tight cap and spray function prevent liquid from draining to the bottom of the purse/backpack.
  • The spray bottle is made of recyclable plastic.
  • Scent of fresh and trendy papaya.
  • Contains skin caring glycerin.
This product is really good!


    Manufactured by doCare®
    Made in EU.
    © Moomin Characters™