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Golden State Warriors Holographic Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6S/7/8/SE


Protecting your expensive mobile phone is an investment that surely will pay itself back!

This stylish tempered glass screen protector with a Golden State Warriors logo hologram is absolutely a must have product! 

A discrete Golden State Warriors logo hologram appears when the back light is off and the hologram disappears when the screen is in use. A tempered glass cover is the most efficient way to protect the screen of your device.

Installing the screen protector is easy with the kit included in the package. The high-quality Asahi glass covers the screen perfectly without any air bubbles. Just make sure to clean the screen carefully to make sure there are no fingerprints, dust, or other particles. When you place the screen protector at the right spot, it will attach itself.

Important features:
• NBA Official Licensed screen protector with a holographic Golden State Warriors logo
• Tempered glass protects from shocks and scratches
• Stain and fingerprint resistant
• H9 surface hardness
• Retains the resale value of the phone
• Saves time and money spent on repairs

The package includes:
• 1 Screen protector with a hologram
• 1 Alcohol pad (wet)
• 1 Microfiber cloth
• 1 Dust removal sticker
• 3 Easy align stickers
• Instruction sheet

Holographic screen protector

The holographic logo is visible only when the screen is off!
When you turn on the screen the logo will vanish and you can use your device normally.