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Do you sell official licence products?

Yes, we sell the official license products. We will work very closely with the licence holder brands and we make sure that everything goes by the book. We are very proud to have such a huge brands in our assortment example FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, NHL, Moomin, Angry Birds etc.
On every official product packet we have a hologram sticker or Docover logo printed to the package. There you can check that the product is official.

What are the screen protectors and phone cases made of?

The screen protectors are made of Japanise Asahi tempered glass that offers superior surface hardness with no sensitivity loss. The glass is embedded with a stylish hologram that enables you to show your chosen brand when the phone is not in use.

The phone cases are made of durable and flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material. These thin and lightweight cases enable comfortable access to all ports and functions while protecting the valuable device.

What kind of protection doCover’s screen protectors offer for your phone?

The hardness of screen protectors and other surfaces is measured with the Wolff-Wilborn test, using varying hardness values of graphite pencils. DoCover’s screen protectors have been rated as 9H, meaning that they can’t be scratched even by the hardest graphite pencils. A perfect blend of quality and price, doCover’s screen protectors offer you solid protection for an affordable price.

How do I install the screen protector?

Make sure your hands are clean of lotions and oils prior to application.

  1. If you have a case on your device, remove it.
  2. Clean device screen utilizing the alcohol cleaning wipe.
    1. Use the enclosed alcohol wipe to thoroughly clean your device screen
    2. Next, use the cleaning cloth and gently wipe the screen.
    3. If you see dust or particles remove them with dust absorber
  3. The side marked STEP 1 of the glass has the protective film covering it. This side has the adhesive to make the glass stick to your screen. Before you remove the film, glue the guide stickers on the opposite side. With these stickers you can align and install the glass on your screen without touching it.

Peel the film labeled STEP 1 away from the tempered glass.


  1. Hold onto the guide stickers to align and lay the tempered glass onto the device screen.
  2. Once the glass is firmly on the device screen, peel off the guide stickers.
  3. Use the microfiber cloth to polish the tempered glass.

Does the screen protector or phone case affect the use of the phone?

No. The hologram is not visible while the phone is on, and the screen protector does not affect the sensitivity of the screen. The phone cases allow access to all ports and buttons, and even the wireless charging is unaffected.

How does the hologram on the screen protector work?

The hologram shows only when the phone is not use. The visibility of the holographic image depends on the surrounding light conditions. The image cannot be seen without proper light around.

Which phone models are your screen protectors and cases compatible with?

Our products are available for the most common iOS and Android phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus devices. Please see the current availability of products at our online store.

Can the screen protector be removed from a screen and reinstalled again?

We do not recommend this. Dirt and fingerprints can get in between the protector and screen causing bubbles and spots that can be build up disturbing the use of the device.

Can screen protectors crack or break?

Yes. By its nature, the screen protector can take a hit while protecting the screen. To avoid damage, do not keep sharp objects close to the screen protector. For example, a keychain in the same pocket or handbag may cause scratches on the screen protector.

Has doCover right to sell third party branded products?

DoCover has made licensing agreements with property owners and all products sold online are official licensed products.

What delivery companies are you working with?

We work with national posts, Matkahuolto, DB Schenker, Asendia. Default deliveries are made by using national post. All our products are shipped from Finland.

What are your usual delivery times?

Our average delivery time within Europe is 2-7 business days, and to other location 14-22 business days. Please note that the times can vary depending on the destination.

Where do you deliver products to?

We deliver worldwide.

Do I have to pay customs fees?

Every country has its own customs laws. It is unlikely that small purchases generate duties. However, the customs authorities of some countries may apply customs duties to your shipment. You are responsible for paying these duties if they are applicable. Docover Oy does not account for possible costs incurred by customs. Before you place your order, please check with your national customs laws.